You have a lifetime client!

We all know how well Gibson’s Duck Blind Covers work at the duck blind. What you may not know is how sturdy and durable they are. The following story is true and the names are not changed, please feel free to call and verify this report.

Ken Johnson, and myself volunteered to pick up the decoys at one of the Valley Waterfowl’s leased blinds after the season closed. On the morning of February 7, 2009 we drove separate vehicles to the duck club, fearing that one of us might get stuck in the Los Banos, California slim mud, it had rained the night before. As I pulled onto the levy road that separates a large canal and a smaller, but very deep irrigation ditch, I had to put my brand new Chevy Avalanche in 4-wheel drive. Only traveling at about 2 miles per hour, going was very difficult, the mud stuck to the tires to the point there was zero traction. It wasn’t a problem until the levy road began to tilt slightly toward the irrigation ditch, at which point my truck began to slide precariously close to the ditch. Progress stopped immediately for fear my truck would end up in the ditch. At that point the rear end of the truck was about 2 feet from sliding into the ditch. After retrieving all of the decoys and loading them into the truck, our attention was again fixed on our major problem, being stuck. I told Ken, if we could find some plywood I thought we might be able to put the pieces under the tires and maybe drive forward. Looking around it was obvious that wasn’t going to happen. Ken then had this bright idea, let’s put the Gibson blind covers under the tires and hope for the best. After much concern for the blind covers, I concluded we had no choice at that point. I figured I would explain to the committee why the blind covers were trashed some other time. Thirty minutes later we had completely extricated ourselves from the mud by putting the covers under all four tires, and driving over the covers two feet at a time, several times. The covers were very muddy and the extension rods were slightly bent but still usable. The next day I straightened the rods and pressure washed the blinds to get all of the mud removed. Believe it or not the blinds looked great. Nobody would have ever known, but we let the story out accidentally.

Carl, your blind covers will do everything they are supposed to do and so much more. You have a lifetime client!